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Trusting your plastic surgeon is a fundamental element in any aesthetic procedure. With years of experience and training, Dr. Huesca provides personalized care, safety, and natural results. His ethical approach and post-operative follow-ups ensure a satisfying experience. Read testimonials from happy patients and take the first step towards your transformation with confidence. 

Aesthetic Procedures


It is a cosmetic surgery procedure to improve and enhance the size, shape, and projection of the buttocks through implants.


A procedure that focuses on sculpting and defining the figure in 360 degrees, consisting of precisely and safely removing accumulated fat from specific areas of the body.


A procedure aimed at increasing the size and shape of a person's breasts. It is performed by placing breast implants under the existing breast tissue or beneath the chest muscle.


A set of procedures that combines tummy tuck, breast lift or breast augmentation, and liposuction to restore the figure.


Trust Dr. Manuel Huesca to achieve your beauty goals safely and effectively.


Our long history in the field of plastic surgery endorses us.


Our commitment to safety can help you achieve your beauty goals optimally.

Dr. Manuel Huesca


A graduate from the medical school in his native state of Hidalgo, Mexico, he was accepted into the general surgery specialty at the prestigious National Medical Center Siglo XXI, where he developed his specialty program in Mexico City. He later moved to Guadalajara, Jalisco, to pursue a specialty in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery at the Western Medical Center, the country’s most important hospital center. 

Currently, he practices professionally in the areas of body contouring and facial aesthetics with over 15 years of experience as a Plastic Surgeon. He is a partner at the Inovare Hospital in Guadalajara, sharing experiences with highly esteemed colleagues in the same specialty in Mexico. 

  • Training in Barcelona at the renowned Planas Plastic Surgery Clinic.  
  • Training in breast reconstruction and body contouring in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  
  • Training in Aesthetic Surgery with colleagues in the USA (San Diego, CA; New York, NY; and Dallas, TX).  
  • Thesis reviewer for plastic surgery residents in Guadalajara.  
  • Adjunct professor at 2 plastic surgery sites, preparing medical residents in their final year of training.  
  • Certified Plastic Surgeon No. 4371486.

Our Clients Tell You

Cynthia W


Hace un mes aproximadamente decidí viajar a Guadalajara para realizarme un mommy makeover, supe que usted seria el mejor opción en cuanto a presupuesto y por su buen trabajo como cirujano plástico. ¡Gracias por todo!

Clarissa Moran

Las Vegas

Me hice una lipoescultura con el Dr. Huesca hace unas 10 semanas y no podría estar más feliz. Valió la pena viajar desde las Vegas, aquí nunca hubiera podido pagar mi operación. ¡Mi cuerpo ahora luce fenomenal y volveré por más! Gracias Dr. por todas sus atenciones

Daniela Lozano


Estoy más que feliz, solo llevo 8 días de postoperatorio pero ya estoy enamorada de mi cuerpo. ¡Dr. Huesca eres el mejor! Lo recomiendo totalmente. Gracias por cambiarme la vida.

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